Dogs Know no Boundaries

Most homeowners think very carefully about the placement of the bathroom in relation to eating areas like the kitchen and dining areas, but let’s face it - your dog knows no boundaries! If you constantly feel like you are sitting downwind while eating outdoors, entertaining, or trying to catch some fresh air, there’s nothing fresh about the odor of urine or poop!

Poop Patrol to the Rescue

Whether you have a rescue dog or a purebred, the Poop Patrol is here to rescue you from their mess. Our yard, deck, and patio deodorizing service will make the stench in the air stink no more. All you will smell is fresh-cut lawn, things blooming, or nothing at all - imagine that! Regardless of the size of your yard, over time, areas can start to reek simply from being your pup’s favorite spot.

Neutralizing Enzymes That are Safe and Effective!

The Poop Patrol is here with neutralizing enzymes that are both effective and SAFE! They are targeted to get the germs out of any heavily concentrated area along with the odors that can almost smell burned in. If it has been a while since you have tackled those high-waste traffic areas, it might take a treatment or two to completely remove all the odors. But if we stay on top of it, we promise you that you will be smelling sweet nothings in no time.

Pet Waste Removal and Deodorizer Gurus

Let our trained team of deodorizers and waste eliminators make your outdoor areas odor- and oops-free. We guarantee that we will get your yard and hardscapes smelling like they should: like the great outdoors, not the great outhouse! Once we get them back to smelling pretty, it just takes a little maintenance to ensure that the smell is not only gone; it stays away for good! Enjoy your outside areas again by removing the porta-potty whiff!

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