Residential Dog Poop Pile Removal & Sanitizing Service

We Pick up the Poops to Avoid the Dreaded Oops

You have so many things on your to-do list, and if you want to be really honest, procrastination tends to happen when it comes to pet poop duty! The more you ignore the problem, however, the more your yard will start to look like a minefield.

One Scoop or Two?

This type of one scoop or two isn’t a good choice when talking about dog waste. You work so hard day in and out, the last thing you want to do is come home to scoop patrol! That is where Poop Patrol comes in. We will time your visits around frequency and necessity. And we not only remove the dog waste, we deodorize and sanitize, so it is much more than just popping out the poop.

Poop Patrol is Affordable, and Heck, You’re Worth it!

Think about all the little pick-me-ups that you spend money on. Hiring our pet waste disposal company is worth a million bucks, but the good news is that it will cost you pocket change. Whether you want to treat yourself once and only need a day’s worth of removal, or you want to make it someone else’s poop problem, we customize your service: one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, whatever you need.

Our Poop Patrol Services Include

We provide comprehensive services or a la carte, depending on what your needs are. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee that your oops will be a thing of the past and so will dragging poop through your house….Ewww!

Dog Poop Removal

Lawn Deodorizing

Brown Patch Treatment

Sanitary Services for Dog Waste Removal in Residential Communities

We are a Patrol that can do it all. Have an entire community worth of pets that no one wants to clean up after? That is what we do best! We take care of everything: restocking bags so no one is left with an Oops Poops situation, managing stations by removing waste left behind, and cleaning up all those community areas where the unthinkable happens and pet owners have to leave it up to nature. Whatever your needs are, we can come up with a poop tackle plan that fits.

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We might make light of the fact that we pick up poop for a living, but we know that we are doing way more behind the scenes. Poop that ends up on shoes gets dragged into your home and comes into contact with rugs, floors, and crawling children. Not to gross you out, but poop is pretty much everywhere, especially when you don’t control it! We take our responsibility very seriously and ensure that a poop problem is no longer your problem.

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