HOA or POA community

As an HOA or POA community, you are tasked with keeping the exterior of the buildings looking their best and preserving everyone’s equity. Nothing says “poorly maintained” like stepping knee-deep in doggy doo-doo. Poop Patrol to the rescue! You might forget about replacing doggy bags, but we won’t. You’ve got enough sh&t on your plate - turn the cleanup over to us.

Leave No Excuse for Dog Owners to Not Be Responsible

According to your frequency needs, we will ensure that your commercial waste station is brimming with bags to pick up stinky waste. Leave no excuse for dog owners to responsibly care for their pup by having bags readily available.

Removing the Waste

Not only will we ensure that the bags are plentiful; we will make sure that odors are not. While stocking and filling your bag station, we will also remove the plastic treasures of baking waste inside. If you aren’t diligent, pests tend to flock to dog waste, so remove a pest beacon before it becomes a resting place for them to multiply. If you leave waste to waste away, it will quickly turn into a very messy situation.

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