Who is the Poop Patrol?

We’re so glad you asked! We are a locally owned and operated group of concerned citizens who feel that it is our duty to rid backyards of dog waste to save hallways, carpets, and most importantly, crawling babies everywhere! Where most homeowners go wrong is assuming that stooping to bag it is enough to clean it up. However, what they don’t see - which is probably good for us all - are all the germs and bacteria left behind. Our mission is to rid sidewalks, walkways, backyards, and common areas of the oops poops that sometimes get left behind, missed, or - yeah, we’ll call it out - ignored by pet owners.

We take this s&*t very seriously, pun totally intended, because in the end while it’s gross, it’s also really not healthy!

Who wants to have a backyard that is nothing more than a glorified porta-potty, smell included?!

We not only stoop and pick, we deodorize and sanitize so there is no more oops in your dog’s poops.

Tired of stooping to your dog’s level? Let us - we got this.

When you are tired of the oops that come from stepping in random poops - Poop Patrol is here for rescue!

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