Solutions to Keep
Things Clean

When you have a large number of pets and pet owners using a high-traffic area for walking, playing, or perusing, you are bound to have some oops and piles of poops. We would all like to believe that the honor system for poop removal works, but we have seen that it does not. So what is the solution to clean things up? Pet waste stations.

What are Pet Waste Stations?

Pet waste stations are places where owners who might have forgotten a bag can pick one up. They consist of disposable oops bags, waste bins, and a sign saying something along the lines of “hey, please be responsible.” Having fresh bags available will increase the likelihood that owners will go the responsible and conscientious route versus the duck, hide, and run one. If you build them, they will come and throw their waste away - or at least you will give it a greater probability.

What Do Our Commercial Pet Waste Station Services Include?

We take it from start to finish to make sure that when a dog finishes without an owner being prepared, we have the tools they need to clean it up. Services include:

  • Removing waste baskets so they aren’t sitting rotting
  • Disposing of any other waste oops in the vicinity of six feet from the station
  • Maintaining a fresh supply of bags
  • Restocking waste basket bags and collection bags
  • Keeping the stations looking acceptable and friendly

In general, we make sure that there are no excuses for oops situations and increase the likelihood that all of our fellow citizens will keep our walkways poop-free. We believe that if given the proper convenience and tools, owners will do the right thing and keep it clean and oops-free!

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