Poop Patrol Takes the Oops out of Daniel Island Dog Poops!

Stop Scraping Your Shoes and Cleaning up Halls - One Call Will Eliminate it All!

Tired of the squish underfoot? Call the Poop Patrol. We are dedicated to eliminating your dog's elimination and giving you and yours a safer, cleaner, and much better-smelling backyard and landscaping. After all, it isn’t just that dog poop is disgusting (which it is) - when it gets on your shoes and dragged into your indoor spaces, that’s right - it is a poop parade. We are the experts to call to remove it all.

Sure, You Can Clean Up Dog Poop in Daniel Island, But WHY?

Most homeowners figure they can remove their dog's waste, but just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Even after you remove the heaping pile, the bacteria and germs are still there breeding, growing, and waiting in the wings for a ride into your home. We not only pick up the poop; we sanitize the area, make it smell nice, and make it safe for your little ones to roll around on the ground safely!

Residential Dog Poop Removal on Daniel Island

Whether you have one dog, one poop, or two dogs, two poops, you get the picture: the Poop Patrol is here to save the day. We have customized plans to schedule one day a week, every other week, monthly, or even just one time - we’re just that flexible. It might not seem like you need to be a rocket scientist to remove poop - after all, it is just poop. If you got out a microscope, however, s**t gets serious, both literally and figuratively! We have a science-backed process to make sure that your yard doesn’t have any lingering oops. That’s our guarantee!

Residential Yard Deodorizing Daniel Island Service

You strategically didn’t place your powder room adjacent to eating spots in your home like the kitchen and dining room, but your best furry friend doesn’t have the same forethought. Nothing’s worse than wanting a little fresh air and having it be anything but “fresh.” The Poop Patrol is here and we feel your nasal pain! Over time, your dog’s favorite area to eliminate can start to smell like a porta-potty, because it kind of is. Our specially formulated safe AND effective enzyme solution can break down any urine or feces stench so that you aren’t sitting downwind getting a whiff; you can breathe deeply and enjoy the outdoors once again!

Daniel Island Commercial Common Area Waste Removal

When it comes to common areas and dog owners, everyone is on their own recognizance to pick up after their furry friend. Unfortunately, not everyone does. We all have had that oops moment where we are caught unprepared without the right tools, so we aren’t going to judge. When one dog poops, however, several follow - and before you know it, your nice walk through the park is more like making it through a minefield! Our commercial common area waste removal service will remove any oops poops in high-traffic or public access areas. The Poop Patrol is here to be your eyes, ears, and yes, nose, to stoop low when others don't!

Commercial Pet Waste Station Daniel Island Services

The best way to make people feel accountable is by giving them the tools to do what they should without an excuse. Pet waste stations are like a beacon saying “clean it up, we see you.” But someone does have to man them. The Poop Patrol will ensure that your station is fully stocked with disposable bags for those who “forgot.” We also remove the waste bags so that they aren’t sitting, decomposing, heating, and turning to oops soup. Schedule us to come one day a week, every other week, or monthly, depending on the traffic flow. We also do a perimeter check to ensure that the area around your waste station is safe, clear, and oops-free!

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